Tips for More Effective Planning

Are you finding it difficult to find time for your planning activities? In today's post I give 3 Tips for more Effective Planning.

Resources for Project Managers: Moleskine Notebook

Part of a series of posts about resources for project managers, I talk about my Moleskin Notebook

The Bus Rule

What if you were hit by a bus tomorrow? in this post, I encourage you to apply The Bus Rule thought experiment to yourself.

What happens with the Project Manager Adds Risk?

Sometimes as a project manager, you might be adding risk to a project. This post helps you identify when you add risk to a project, and how to mitigate it.

How to define your project’s health

Defining your project's health can be a real challenge. Establishing hard and accepted definitions for reporting helps you better react to project issues.

How do I know when a card in sprint is done?

What does done mean to your team? In this post, I examine a common issue of completed tasks being left in sprint, and how to solve it.

How Long Should a Scrum Meeting Last?

How long does your daily meeting last? Are you using your time effectively? In today's post we address the question: How Long Should a Scrum Meeting Last?

How should a Project Manager use JIRA

JIRA from Atlassian can be an invaluable tool for project managers. In today's post, I discuss how to best use it to manage workload.

The 5 Minute Meeting

A 5 minute meeting can save you hours of over budget work. In today's blog post we go through the when, what, and how of having a 5 minute meeting.

Getting a Meeting Back on Track

Meetings are a necessary evil in the life of a project manager. In today's post we give steps for getting a meeting back on track from distractions.